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Sometimes u die and it’s unpreventable


I like the new update but it’s way too hard. I can’t get past 100


Can you add a new boss like a KRAKEN! JK

Not a favorite

I like the game but it’s always lags and I don’t click on any ads but it will still bring me to the App Store randomly.. it also has so many ads that pop up in the middle of the game and when I try to watch a video to continue, it plays the video then the app closes and I don’t get to continue and lose the score


The game is fun, however the ads are too much. Us players want to play the game but when we have to exit out of an ad every single level it’s annoying. Sometimes I lose quick and I want to get back into the game and can’t do that. I’m deleting this app. You would think you guys would want to create a bigger player base before being so greedy and bombarding us with ads. I get they are necessary but seriously way to excessive. This game isn’t that good to be dealing with ads literally every 10-15 seconds.


Honestly one of the best games from Voodoo, in my opinion. I also like the little bear at the bottom :3

This game is fun, but challenging

Amazing I love it in every single way possible

Redirects me to virus sites on safari.

The app redirects me to virus website on safari, no other app does this and it’s not my phone.

Glitchin’ needs fixin’!!!

My game just will not stop glitching! I’m about to win a level, my game glitches in and out and BOOM! I fail. I think it’s unfair

This game is the Best!

It is so good I love it. It is so indicting.


Idk what is causing me to die. I don’t exactly get what I’m supposed to do.

Lots of fun

Great game. Really entertaining

It’s ok

It’s not the best game or that easy and some objects are really stupid to try to block. And some times it’s impossible to protect the monster

The best game ever that all people should play

I saw your add and got inspired to play so I cept playing it for years and years I love thank you for making this game. Love Chris

Seeing ads after paying $3 to remove them

Title says it all.

Ads galore

The amount of ads completely ruins the game

So fun

Its the best game ever


You guys know ads are the reason why it's free right?

Ads violation

I see you’re overriding the system sound level. When I’m silent mode you’re still playing audio ads out loud which is a violation of Apple policy.


This game is so awesome


Crashes too much!

VOODOO What’s with all the ads?!

OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO OVERWHELMING...ok so this is a FTP right? No it’s not a FTP game...You really can’t enjoy a game with ads as troubling as this.I know you guys need to earn money to keep the company going. But this many?! Your driving away the players who want to enjoy the game with the ads. Please CUT DOWN on the ADS. YOUR LAST 3 GAMES HAVE BEEN SOO OVERWHELMING STOP WITH ALL THE ADS ITS VERY GREEDY!!!

Too many ads

Way too many ads.

It’s good, but...

It is very laggy, it freezes almost every minute, and there are too many adds. If you could fix some of these problems that would be awesome.

Very fun but ads are outrageous

This game is very fun it’s a great time filler but when you’re trying to play and you have an ad after every time you play it can get very annoying


Pretty nice distraction when an adblocker is in use.

Like it but it can be annoying

The game has is fun but it has to many adds. Every time you die, an add pops up. Their adds make me not want to buy the game that they are advertising.

Total rip-off

The yt ads and I’m sure other ads showed it could be played as an AR (augmented reality) game but it’s not, i bet this would be better like that tho


Sooo many ads


Fun to play for about 3 minutes and then you’ll delete it.


Would give it a five star but the ads! There are so many of them. Sometimes it just gets on my nerves!

So many ads

There so many ads and it just get boring when you play just PLEAS remove ads pleas

I like the game but..

This game is fun but every time I play it after dying I get adds to open the apple store it was fine for a while but now it’s getting annoying that it just keeps popping up random and multiple games from the apple store and I can’t play the game in peace so in my opinion it doesn’t deserve any stars


Luck not skill based

Love It

This Game Is So Much Fun... This Game Has SO MUCH Potential... Only If You Had A Realistic Eating Simulator With Cake lol Seriously...You Should Make That...



Great game

This game is SUPER addicting 👍🏻 Also, you, as in the developer, spelled “customisation” wrong.. It’s spelled like “customization”


One ad every time you play it, simply awful. The only way for it to be playable is to TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE, so mercenary Voodoo can’t fill you with their ads.

Does not have sound

Fun game if it had sound

So good and addictive

This game is super fun for kids and it’s easy and addictive

One problem with these games....

THERE ARE WAY TO MANY ADS!! And AD block is way to overpriced!!!!

¯ \_(ツ)_/¯

2,300th review ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯

This game is so rage inducing

Whenever I play this game I get so mad. Whenever you die there is an ad and the boss on medium is harder than the one on hard.


This game has an interesting concept, until it wants to bug out and make you watch an ad in the middle of a game, or switches you over to the App Store to look at another game that they wanna have you play! This has happened since I got the game and it needs to be fixed soon!

Another Voodoo Game.

People who’ve seen other Voodoo games know what this review means - ads, ads, ads, every ten seconds. I would surely love to play this game, but when all you’re doing is downloading a game meant to earn money, not a player base, it’s tough not to dislike it and the company that produces it.

Does Voodoo make any games that aren’t full of ads?

I’d like to play a game with out having to watch ads all the time

Good game but soooo management ads

Great game, I love it , But just like all voodoo games has way too many ads, great game, love the concept, but please please please please please, take some of the ads away. I get a new ad every time I lose so it gets really annoying whenever I’m playing.

Ad after every play

It’s insane how there is an ad after every time you die. It’s honestly a shame how hungry for money people are, using phone apps to make money. Smh


Ads like crazy

Good game but...

This game is so fun to play but when you die there is an option to continue on by watching an add but when you do this the game just continues right away so if two blocks already pass you one will hit the kitten and then the game will pause and ask do you want to save it and you sometimes will hit yes and after you finish watching that add the game continues but then you die right away because of that second block I wish that when you did the save me the entire screen would be cleared of objects and the the game would count down to when it continues.

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