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Very good game

The only thing I don’t like is the hard challenge 3 because it’s so annoying to me I keep on dying at 5 and 10 seconds and it’s so infuriating! Besides that it’s super fun


This game really relaxes me and I enjoy protecting the little adorable demon baby I really recommend for you to play it. I also love how the game is endless and I love all the outfits and the circle thingy to protect it. I would like for you to make a “Keep it alive 2” so badly. I also love all the levels you can play to it is a really good game. Please make more!

It is fun

It is fun


This game is okay. I have an app called rise up and I like it way better. This game should have more avatars then just a monster and a circle ⭕️. The controls are kind of weird but maybe that’s just my iPad 🙃. There’s also these really annoying adds on the side. It should have something like levels instead of just chaos with random obstacles flying around everywhere. Please fix it.

Luuuv it

Luuuuuuuuvvvvvv it


This is a really great game for kids and everyone else

Eh, Too many Ads

I like this game, but the ads are just TERRIBLE! TOO MANY ADS!!!

Good but too many ads

I like this game very much but there are too many ads 🙁! Everything else was very good 😝😝😝😝.


I Love This Game So Much, It’s AWSOME!

When ever you tap on something an add comes up!

It's a good game, but The adds ruin everything! I just got this game but I'm already deleting it!☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Ugh the ads are so long

Heaven forbid I die, I then have to sit through what is by far and away the lengthiest ads I’ve ever had to watch in-game. I’d rather pay for the game then have to watch the same ads over and over.

Games great!

I think that it’s a great game to buy for younger kids for long car rides.

Noi number

Noi good game


HELP ME I have been playing this for hours HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ripoff! Buy Rise Up instead!

This game is obviously a total ripoff of the hit game Rise Up! Leave it to Voodoo to take an original concept and ripoff of it! Get your own ideas!

One Op strategy that is annoying

This is is good and all, but if you keep the circle next to the monster, you can go pretty far. I think it is annoying that it is so easy to get a high score with almost no effort.


Good but the avatar is to small you can just put the thing you use to block right above the avatar and almost nothing can touch the avatar.

I wanted the chicken

I downloaded the game for the thought of being able to protect a chicken, but it's nowhere to be found. So sad. And also I wish the sensitivity was higher. Have to drag my thumb super far to move the indestructible little ball. Kinda annoying hopefully it is fixed soon. Also hope they add a chicken and maybe it can shoot it's eggs at the falling objects to help a little bit

The adds :(

This game is awesome but jeez I have never seen so many adds in one game every time you die (or in some cases just opening the app) adds pop up Voodoo what happened 🙁

Buen juego pero tiene un gran problema (anuncios)

Buen juego pero se vuelve malo por tantos anuncios uno tras otro y eso hace que la gente lo borre y deje de jugar

Dissatisfied and glitchy

Is Apple super glitchy it’s not work out for me anytime I try to play it with glitched and I would fail I would like you to fix them please

Good game

This is a pretty good and addicting game but it’s kinda hard to get the stars and it takes forever to upgrade your launch place so maybe you guys could add awards for certain challenges with stars like 50 -100


I love the game but...WHY DID YOU GUYS CHANGE THE FREAKING NAME!?!?hmm!?hmm!?

I love this app

You need to get it by Wyatt Maksin

Play it

It is great game play it I’m telling you


It is the best

I love keeper

This is my favorite game in the world it is so hilarious please make a Keeper 2


It was really fun and all of the challenges were amazing!-random kid

I paid, but still get ads?

I paid for the option to remove the ads, but I still have to watch a video every other game or so. That is very uncool. : (

It is fun when you actually know to play it.

It is fun when you know how to play it



Never ask to rate

If you ask to rate people won't and that's just annoying and I know you want money but why so many pop up ads


It’s too hard and the little animal thing can’t take a hit what a wimp


Too many ads. Unsatisfying gameplay.

I die in the blink of a eye

I can’t even play

Game is fun but...

The ads are broken. Dry death forces me to restart the app or be stuck in an endless age of war demo

Update ruined it

The update that added the new patters(triangles and different lines) made the game way too hard. The triangles especially as if you get a larger number of them it is nearly impossible to prevent them all from hitting your character as there is almost always one that slips through no matter what and you are helpless to stop it. They either need to remove them or make them less frequent or bigger as right now they ruin the game by making it too hard to play and it is no longer any fun.

This game is bad these are my reasons

The game is good it’s self but there are way to many ads when I was playing it just kept exiting the app and going to the App Store it’s also glitchy I kept dyeing when I was blocking everything I highly suggest you dont play this stupid game

Pretty boring and to many adds

This game was pretty boring, simply hovering the circle above the monster got me decently far. Every time I died there was always an ad. Overall a pretty bad game.


Adding full control of the ball made this game less unique as you just are following in the footsteps of what others with the same type of game are doing


This is a great game it’s very hard and addicting I love it 🌹🌺💗

Where is chicken?!?!

I watched the add and I saw they were protecting a chicken. But in reality, we protect this ugly thing that looks like a bear. I am disappointed.


Good game but way to many ads

Game used to be good but u messed it up

The controls of this game used to be that you could only move your circle left and right. Now you can go up, down, and wherever. Change it to the old way which was much better.


Good game, fun and simplistic easy to learn. Only issue (with the game play) is the sensitivity of the circle, it feels like I have to swipe my finger across 120% of my screen to move it from one side to the other. Having a sensitivity option would be really great!

Keeper is a waste of time

Keeper crews you over at the millisecond. You put in so much time and you still lose. I hope nobody downloads this game ever.

Love 2.1

The new update 2.1 makes this game really great.


Well this app is the coolest app ever but one thing is u need to cut down on the adds! I have an idea! Instead of watching a video give them coins and the save me will count for the coins like subway surfers with the keys


Cok iyi yaaa

It’s the same game

This one is worse

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